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"Delia Caraway conducted high level and very complex searches for me with extreme diligence and great effectiveness. She was wonderful to work with and provided excellent, detailed, and consistent results. I strongly endorse her ongoing efforts."
   - Azmat Siddiqi, Applied Materials

"Delia has the ability to work independently and collaboratively with hiring managers and provides outstanding sourcing skills. She's an out of-the-box thinker with proven ability to close the right candidate for those hard to fill positions!"
   - Kim Begley, Voxeo

"Delia provided excellent help in recruiting for senior level positions."
   - Chris McDonald, VP, Applied Materials, Inc.

"Delia is honest, loyal and dedicated to her client's needs. She can take charge of any project and deliver results. Delia is a great asset to any company."
   - Marilyn Chin, Director, Human Resources, NeoMagic, previously Human Resources Manager, InnoMedia

"Recruiting good candidates in a short period of time is always a challenge. Delia is an expert in this regard. If I had to staff up quickly, I would definitely call her to help get this done."
   - Curt Ward, Manufacturing Operations Manager Candescent Technologies, Inc.

"Delia is a very talented and resourceful recruiter. She had a great grasp of the kinds of people I was looking for and an acute ability to find them! She carries a very positive attitude, high energy, and is a pleasure to work with."
   - Bruce Finch, Director of Channel Sales, Voxeo

"Delia is pleasure to work with and is very resourceful in getting the job done."
   - Kris Kidambi, Candescent Technologies

"Delia's professionalism and expertise in recruiting and staffing are eclipsed only by her honesty, integrity and competence."
   - Greg Pecher, Owner, Pecher Consulting

"Delia is a top-notch professional in her field: she has the ability to recruit the best talent at the lowest possible cost to a company."
   - Glenn Stover, Vice President, Government Affairs, OnFiber Communications.

"Delia is without question the best Staffing Manager and Recruiter I've ever worked with in my 30 years in Silicon Valley. She is professional, courteous, and follows up diligently with all of her candidates and clients. I can not recommend her highly enough. If you want to hire top-notch talent, utilize her company to get the job done."
   - Chris Safford, Director, Logistics and Distribution, Vadem Inc.

I had the privilege of working with Delia at Intermolecular, and was a valuable asset during her tenure. She always went above and beyond to ensure we found the right personnel to fill our staffing needs. She understood the technical complexity of finding the right candidates of the difficult roles we had to fill. Her integrity and honesty are a large part of her character; her success will follow her wherever she goes. I hope to work with her again in the future. -Dereck Cackler, Director Of Information Technology/Strategic Leadership Technology Intermolecular