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Find the Solar Job Where You Will Shine!

Employers are consistently fueling meteoric growth of solar power, renewable energy, semiconductor technology. They need your technical and non-technical talent and are hiring right now!

If you are interested in or are looking for a technical opportunity in semiconductor capital equipment or solar jobs, green jobs, (PV) jobs here in the United States or internationally, then Solar Jobs USA, Inc.™ is here to meet your needs.

Solar Jobs USA, Inc.™ is a highly experienced recruiting service with well-positioned contacts in all of the top-notch semiconducctor and solar industry companies to help fill job openings with the right people. Your talents will be matched with the perfect career opportunity to best utilize your skill set. We will guide you through the process of locating and securing a position that is right for you. Take the first leap towards a new opportunity that awaits you today!

Whether you're looking for technology jobs in high tech semiconductor, or renewable energy, sales, engineering, finance, photovoltaic (PV), technical support, semiconductor capital equipment or project/program management - Solar Jobs USA, Inc.™ can help you find the right fit.