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Solar Jobs USA™ Corporate Overview

The Market: Semiconductor & Alternative Energy is Defining the Future

A confluence of social, economic and technological trends are driving growth in the solar and semiconductor market: environmental and global warming concerns, issues of national security and energy independence and reduction of the relative cost of solar technologies are all propelling forces in this growth.

A key for solar and alternative energy organizations to driving business objectives and maintaining a competitive advantage will be procuring the right talent in a cost effective and timely manner. And, as more and more companies enter the solar and alternative energy arena, the quest for talent resources will become increasingly competitive.

Enter Solar Jobs USA, Inc.™. Amidst the explosive growth and high demand for specialized technical talent.

Solar Jobs USA, Inc.™ -CSS has emerged with the vision of fueling the Alternative energy, global high technical opportunities & semiconductor growth through cost effective, highly professional and flexible recruiting services that connect organizations with top talent. The recruiting and staffing firm is redefining technical recruiting by providing the highest quality services at the lowest possible cost to a company.

The Company: Recruiting, Staffing along with Posting Services for Worldwide Solar, Semiconductor, Capital Equipment and Alternative Energy

Recruiting effective talent and staffing technical teams is critical to the rapid development and integration of cutting edge technology and initiatives. Solar Jobs USA, Inc.™ staffing services offers cost-effective job posting, candidate sourcing, recruiting, screening, contingent placement and on-site staffing for global semiconductor, solar and alternative energy organizations. The company, started in late 2007, was built on a strong foundation of understanding not only the recruiting needs of the solar and alternative energy customer, but also a proven track record of successes recruiting and managing staffing talent. While Solar Jobs USA, Inc.™-CSS provides the industry's most cost effective recruiting team complements this value-driven service with outstanding technical knowledge and personal experience in staffing solar, alternative renewable energy, wind and green jobs, plus semiconductor manufacturing talent. We also provide a low cost job posting services. Extensive recruiting and industry experience, plus a desire to fuel this critically important industry motivates the company to partner with their clients and candidates, quickly connecting industry leaders with the talent they need to maintain a competitive advantage. Customers: World Leaders in Semiconductor, Solar and Alternative Energy

Industry leaders understand the market opportunities for new renewable energy solutions. Among the challenges of getting these solutions to market, procuring the right talent is highest on their agenda, and they realize the value of engaging professional services to source, recruit and screen the specific talent they need. Solar Jobs USA, Inc.™ - CSS has developed strong relationships with top-notch global organizations through many years of professionalism and recruiting expertise.

The company not only has its pulse on staffing requirements and opportunities at the representative companies below, but it is constantly filling staffing needs for new clients and emerging companies in the industry. Solar Jobs USA, Inc.™- CSS has filled positions and posted job opportunities at all levels for various fortune 500 companies.

"Delia asks a lot of the right questions. She strives to understand and articulate the company's needs before she starts charging in that direction."
     - Roger Barton, Director of Cathode Development, Candescent Technologies

Services for Employers: Fueling Growth of the Solar & Semiconductor Industry Through Cost-Effective Staffing Services

Finding highly-qualified candidates to meet staffing demands and business objectives within the fast growing solar and renewable energy industry requires experience, creativity, diligence and smart marketing. Solar Jobs USA, Inc.™ staffing services was founded to provide a cost-effective recruiting solution for industry-leading solar, semiconductor renewable energy organizations and they are distinguished as the premiere and cost-effective job posting & employment site with extensive promotion and world-wide exposure. Services for employers include:

  • Recruiting Services. The company recruits top talent to match clients criteria from competitive companies or wherever they might exist.
  • Staffing Technical placements. Solar Jobs USA, Inc.™- CSS  also provides experienced talent on a project basis to assist companies stay on time and within budget.
  • Sourcing Services. Solar Jobs USA, Inc.™ -CSS identifies candidates with the precise talent required for each position
  • On-Site Staffing Services. Solar Jobs USA, Inc.™ -CSS  interviews and screens candidates per the job specifications, allowing clients to interview only the -best fit- candidates.
  • Job posting fees please contact us for information.

Services for Job Seekers

Solar Jobs USA, Inc.™- CSS works closely with candidates to match their talents and career goals with positions at industry leading employers. Whether candidates wish to advance their career or start it in any of these industries, Solar Jobs USA, Inc.™- CSS is equipped to present candidates to quality employers and guide them through the process to secure a position that is right for them.

Solar Jobs USA, Inc.™- CSS adheres to all policies prohibiting discrimination on the basis of age, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, citizenship or disability in accordance with all applicable federal and state laws. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer, M/F/D/V. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply

Management Team

Delia Caraway
Chief Executive Officer and Founder

"Delia's professionalism and expertise in recruiting and staffing are eclipsed only by her honesty, integrity and competence."
- Greg Pecher, Owner, Pecher Consulting

As CEO and Founder, Ms. Caraway brings more than thirty five years of technical recruitment, staffing and management experience to Caraway Staffing Services Solar Jobs USA™. She is one of the few recruitment professionals with pioneering expertise in solar and alternative industry who also holds a stellar track record of sourcing, recruiting, screening and placing technical talent at top-notch global fortune 500 companies. During the past decade she has gained recognition as a specialist in filling positions in photovoltaic solar renewable energy, PV, semiconductor, flat panel display, Memory IP products, CMOS, SRAM, Analog mixed signal, FinFet, Embedded Non-Volatile Memory IP Products and manufacturing industries. She founded Solar Jobs USA, Inc.™ in late 2007 to meet the growing need she saw in connecting semiconductor solar and alternative energy companies with specialized talent they are seeking.

Prior to founding Solar Jobs USA, Inc.™, she enjoyed a successful recruiting and staffing career at large companies including Intel, National Semiconductor, Toshiba Semiconductor, Applied Materials and many Angel Vested start-up companies. Ms. Caraway is highly regarded by her clients for her diligence and dedication to achieving success, excellent communication skills, technical knowledge and integrity.

Joe Clarke
Account Executive Sales Manager

Joe Clarke brings several years of experience in staffing, technical recruiting and sourcing to Solar Jobs USA™. In his role as Account Executive Sales Manager, he manages and coordinates our sales campaigns and client relations. Prior to his work at Solar Jobs USA™, Joe established his career in staffing and recruiting for fortune 500 and 1000 companies such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft. Where he has been successful in conducting many complex searches for technical, product, financial, sales, marketing and executive staff. His industry experience spans solar, consumer electronics, Nanotechnology and Internet technologies.

Joe holds a B.A. in Sociology with a focus on Corporate Strategy. He has enriched his career with extensive professional training focusing on recruiting and research. Joe specializes in placing High Tech Software Developers and IT professionals in full time permanent careers, while demonstrating his strategy expertise. He has successfully managed multiple accounts utilizing his sales skills.

Charise Thompson
Professional Sourcer Recruiting Consultant

Charise brings more than ten + years of experience in HR, staffing, technical recruiting and sourcing to Solar Jobs USA™. In her role as Sourcing Consultant she manages and coordinates technical candidate sourcing, develops and defines staffing processes, promotes staffing requirements and maintains a pipeline of qualified candidates for client companies. Prior to her work at Solar Jobs USA™ she established her career in HR and recruiting at Vudu Inc., Google, Vadem and Caraway Staffing Services where she has been successful in conducting many complex searches for technical semiconductor manufacturing, product, financial, sales, marketing and executive staff. Her industry experience spans solar, consumer electronics, semiconductor and Internet technologies.

Charise holds a BA from San Jose State and has enriched her career with extensive professional training focusing on recruiting and research.

Solar Jobs USA Headquarters

241 Kings Village Road

Scotts Valley, CA

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